Analysis and measurement

Shed light on your decision-making process

We turn raw data into information and information into valuable insights so that you always make the right decisions.

  • Clear and simple

    Statistical analysis can be complex and complicated. We simplify them for you to clear and simple “bottom line” conclusions.

  • Provide end-to-end response

    We sync all segments to create a data loop system, which creates conclusions that serve your business goals.

  • Helping you grow

    We know what it takes to take you to the next step in your digital development. We will provide you with all the resources and training that will enable you to realize your full potential for growth.


Definition and integration

We are equally well versed in every aspect of digital analytics, from basic Google Analytics implementation to the integration of complex data storage arrays.

Analysis and Insights

Our in-depth understanding of the digital ecosystem enables us to create meaningful measurement solutions, powerful analysis of multichannel information sources, and practical insights. By translating your statistics and presenting them in a simple and clear way, we neutralize the background noise and emphasize the essential factors for achieving your goals.

Control panels and reports

Our Google Data Studio-based custom control panels and reports consolidate all of your individual data sources into one convenient, real-time location. Whether you are looking at historical data or making future projections, our reports will give you an insightful viewpoint, as well as an opportunity for in-depth and accurate research of your key performance metrics.

Enhanced e-commerce activity

As an e-commerce focused agency, we know the critical paths and understand their far-reaching implications. We will make sure you get accurate and practical ecommerce data at the entire business and item level.

Media Performance Audit

Our media acquisition experience, focused on efficiency and scale, allows us to get a clear picture of your media performance, how to avoid budget pitfalls, and most importantly – what course of action will take the business to the next level.

On-demand counseling

We advise leadership teams and in-house teams, and guide them through the jungle thicket of statistical analysis through proven practices and best practices that will save you from endless wasted hours and countless valuable pitfalls.

Statistical Analysis Training

We provide group training sessions as well as personal training at all levels, to get your teams in the right analytical and critical mood to raise the level of digitization in your organization.


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