R + G = L
The Future of Search With AI
(As we see it)

A Webinar by Operad

 Google recently launched its AI Overview feature, and searchers, businesses, and SEOs were thrown into a state of emotional turbulence. Fear and anxiety are normal responses in the face of uncertainty, and we believe the best way forward through the clouds is knowledge. You are much less likely to fear what you can understand.

And so we recently hosted a webinar for our clients and partners dealing with the launch of the AI overview feature. We used this chance to offer our general approach to AI-assisted search engines, and the future of search in general. We also highlighted the seemingly critical role RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation) is probably going to play in it.

Spoiler: Our main perspective is a positive one, as we are a fairly optimistic bunch. One outlook understands the challenges and respects the concerns while remaining optimistic regarding the future. We remain optimistic due to our current analysis and ability to adapt.

In the webinar, we covered:

1The AI Overview feature
This is great if you are interested in familiarizing yourself with the feature, its appearances, and some observations we have of it.

  • What is it
  • How it looks and its appearance types
  • The feedback to it
  • Some observations we made

2Is AI part of the future of Search?
This is great if you are interested in understanding the challenges of search engines and LLMs, and how search and AI may complement each other.

  • Why we think it is
  • Basics of how search and language systems work
  • What are their challenges 
3. Introduction to RAG
This is great if you are interested in understanding the basic technique that is at the heart of the marriage between search engines and AI.
  • What is RAG
  • Advanced RAG techniques
4. Looking Forward:
This is great if you have questions, or are looking for questions related to the AI overview feature and the future of SEO in the AI era.
  • Perspectives on the possible impact on the web ecosystem
  • The questions we are asking ourselves. Not necessarily answered.